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Updated(?) 23 July 2018

23 July 2018: Revised contact form to use an external service rather then a PHP form.

20 Dec 2015: Added a recipe section.

7 April 2014 update: just some minor tweaks and a fix of a broken contact link.

22 Oct update: Lehman Cave.

23 October: Contact form finalized.

23 October: Privacy policy added

28 October: Egyptian galleries added.

30 October: reactivated.

11 November: two galleries added

20 November: Bryce galleries added


2018 (and beyond?) Edition of the John Tyrrell Web Site

While I've had a personal site in one form or another for nearly 20 years, its maintenance has been on the back burner in recent years. Once again I am looking at reactivating it. Perhaps I'll get into it again - or perhaps some of the other websites which I see as more important will continue to take my interest.

This site is currently available under the urls of, &

Site Plans:

Progress so far is a reasonable web design, a contact form, and a Gallery. Also, selections from my older sites have been revived as archives.

Next I plan on adding some picture galleries. The Lehman Cave gallery is now in place. Observation Point, The Narrows, and Phantom Ranch will follow.

Following that, maybe I'll start blogging. Or dig deeper in to my photo collection for more galleries. Or perhaps let the whole thing drop once more.

Other sites:

The prime reason this site did not get updated was my involvement in other more active web sites which people seem to be more interested in than a vanity page.

That's no longer true. I've pretty much withdrawn from active web site maintenance due to age related ailments. But you never know. Something might get updated sometime soon.

Previously active sites:

    1. The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic
      The largest and possibly oldest continuously maintained agnostic website.
    2. The International University of Nescience
      Home of the Bachelor of Adequacy degree. (Still free!)
    3. Reverse your Baptism
      Reject your baptism, or reject an unwanted after-death LDS baptism for yourself or a relative.
    4. Intolerant Agnosticism
      This site was created in response to Pope Benedict XVI's denunciation of "intolerant agnosticism." Since his resignation, updates have slowed. But I'm keeping it alive just in case...

Site on life-support:

    1. This one - The Official John Tyrrell Web Site

Dead Sites:

These two web sites were originally started as pages of my personal site, graduated to independent web sites with their own independent urls, and finally abandoned. The content has been made accessible here once more, but links may be broken, and no maintenance is expected.

    1. Scootz, the Calico Wonder Cat
      Cat Jokes, Cat Stories, and Cat Friends.
      Scootz died in August of 2010 aged about 18.
    2. The World Wide Web’s Worst Jokes
      Pretty much self explanatory. Let go because I lost interest.


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