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Welcome to the home of John Tyrrell

Right now it is "under continuing reconstruction" as I experiment and test new ideas. However, it is pretty low priority compared with the other sites I run.

Feel free to check back for the rare update. However, the sites listed below are better maintained and updated once or twice a month.

Enter the Site (updated 4 December 04)

For anyone who has tried to contact me, the contact button has finally been fixed. Also, on this update, I have started recreating the Travel section.

My own personal banner farm

The following sites were originally developed in previous incarnations of this web site. Over time, they grew up and found their own homes.

The home page of Scootz the Calico Wonder Cat, with pictures of Scootz, information on Calicos, pictures of Scootz's cat friends, and a collection of cat clipart

The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic where "We don't know and We don't Care." A web based church with members around the world. Offering free ordination and free University Degrees.

Our exclusive Bachelor of Adequacy Degree from IUN for those who are just about good enough.

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