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How to contact Scootz:

Use the link to the contact form below for your message, feedback or comments. You may also submit articles for publication using this form. If you want to submit images for publication (and please do!) just let me know in your comments and I will reply letting you know how to submit them.
Look here! Just when are you going to put that camera away and GET ME DOWN!!!

Please - do not contact me with questions about breeding Calicos - or any type of cat. I’ve had far too many of this type of question. If you know so little about cat breeding, that you would have to ask a total stranger questions, then you should not be considering breeding your cat. There are already far too many unwanted cats being put to death in animal shelters every year. There is a good reason why Scootz is spayed.

And please don’t let the above little diatribe put you off about contacting me on other issues.

A Special Note to Children:

Scootz says: "Be web wise; Be web safe! Before you write to me - or to any other web site - talk to your Mom or Dad about it. And make sure you show them any answer you get."

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"I hope you enjoyed my website but now I'm sleepy. Off for another nap. Being an internationally famous Web Cat is hard work!"
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