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 Well, I have to ask...

What am I doing up here?


This page is for Links to other web sites recommended by Scootz. If you have a cat web site - particularly a Calico site, please contact Scootz for a Link exchange. (Scootz will list you and asks you to list her.)

Please note - this list is no longer maintained - links may be obsolete.

Scootz's Lynx

  • Open Directory Cat Listings - a window to nearly 5,000 cat related sites
  • United Cats - cat humour, cat care, cat stories
  • The Cat House - Feline Conservation Centre for exotic cats
  • Crazy for Kitties - Kitty of the Week, cat stories and info, cat links
  • The Cool Calico Club - Home of five beautiful Calicos and an Abyssinian tortie
  • The Calico and Tortie Web Ring - If you have a Calico or Tortie web site, use this link to list your site
  • I Love Cats - Directory Of Cat Web Sites
  • The Calico Girls - Home page of two Idaho Calicos
  • Ewald's Private Homepage - Kitty, a calico from Germany lives here with Ewald. Good information of calico genetics, in English and German
  • Mary's Kitty Page - featuring pictures of Katty, Scooter, Ground, and the late Peeper Joe.
  • Kitty's Blog - As far as we know, the first cat weblog, plus cat pictures, some normal, some manipulated, and a kitty puzzle.
  • Postcards From the Pugbus - Site of author Phil Maggitti, with a cat stories section. There's dog stuff too, but Scootz ignores that.
  • The Daily Mews - Cats, kittens, feline fun and all aspects of cat welfare and behaviour for you and your furry companions
  • ComicCats
    cat photos, cartoons, videos, and vintage comics
  • Kitty Wompuss Graphics - Cat Clip Art, Cat and other backgrounds.
  • You and Your Cat - Information on our feline friends from Fact Monster.
  • Soluble Song - Silly singing dancing cats
  • A large site from Australia with many cat-related stories, jokes, tales, anecdotes, poems, books, links, tributes, & free downloads.
  • PurrBalls - Information on Cat Care, cat news, cat fun, and the Two Purrballs.
  • Cat Sitting - Cat sitting locations all over the USA!
  • Scootz's Human - our only non-cat listing - and rarely updated

Commercial Cat Sites:

Note: sites listed through link exchange request. Unless specifically indicated, we have no first hand knowledge of the products offered. Listing does not imply a recommendation.

  • Cute Cats ECards - from 123Greetings: Here are some adorable kitties your pals/ near ones would love to receive
  • Catastrophy - Siren Films presents a cat comedy (video for sale)
  • Kitty Korner - Cat furniture, cat condos. cat towers etc.