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No information is collected on you unless you contact me.

Generally, information submitted on the contact form is retained only for a few months.

If this gives you privacy concerns, you probably should not be on the Internet at all. As this site has no advertising, I probably collect less information than 95% of the sites on the web.


Privacy Policy

Given the template I'm using has a default link to a privacy policy, I thought I might as well write one out. Though it would have been easier to delete the link.

Site Visitors

I collect no information about site visitors, individually or collectively. I have no interest in the statistics, so I can't be bothered. I use no cookies or any other tracking device.


Those who contact me give up a certain amount of privacy, at least temporarily.

They provide their names an email addresses - which I use to reply, normally just once. The exception is if you demonstrate an interest in a continuing correspondence.

If a link exchange is requested via the contact form, then the submitted link may become a permanent feature of this web site.

The contact form also collects information such as your country, which browser you are using and your IP address. I'm unlikely to use any of this information - unless your use of the contact form involves some kind of nefarious activity against me in which case, it might be turned over to law enforcement.

I deliberately maintain no contact list either in or outside my email programs. Consequently, when I clean out old emails -about every three months - all information provided through the contact form is deleted.


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